Put a Book in Their Hands

This year, ONE TO ONE served over 200 children in our virtual programs who continue to develop their literacy skills in one-on-one sessions with our tutors. We have all learned to handle a new digital world but we also recognize the importance of going offline as well. ONE TO ONE wants to ensure that the children completing our virtual programs have a book as a graduation reward to encourage their further growth.

The first $3,000 donated will be matched by a 12-year-old donor and his family, who is choosing to support ONE TO ONE because they recognize the struggles of not having the one-to-one connection when learning to read.

Our goal through Put a Book in Their Hands is to inspire these emerging readers to continue to read and maintain their love for literacy throughout their lives. Each donation of $25 will allow a child we supported this year to pick their own book(s) from Book Warehouse. Your donation encourages and supports a young reader who is developing literacy skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

“Nothing beats the feeling of picking out your own book, bringing it home and reading it cover to cover”

Our Matching Donors

The inspiration behind the Put a Book in Their Hands campaign comes from a mother who encourages her 12-year-old son to give back and he choose to support literacy.

He remembers his mother reading to him as a child and working tirelessly with him to develop his literacy skills that blossomed into a love for reading. He worked part-time and saved birthday money to contribute to a charity that provides that essential one-to-one connection for young readers. Seeing his dedication and passion, his parents and grandparents also contributed and the sum will be used to match the first $3,000 in donations to the Put a Book in Their Hands campaign.

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Our Track Record

The ONE TO ONE Literacy program began in 1989 as a collaboration between the Vancouver School Board and the Junior League of Greater Vancouver.

Our Mission

Through one-to-one volunteer tutoring, we help children develop literacy skills to last a lifetime.

Our Impact

Since the introduction of the ONE TO ONE program in 1989, we have helped over 20,000 children improve their literacy skills.