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ONE TO ONE is working to ensure that every young reader in BC has the opportunity to succeed. Learn about how we supported young readers in our 2022-23 Impact Report.

With the help of our volunteers, donors and community partners, in the 2022-23 school year  ONE TO ONE programs supported BC students through in-person and virtual programs, impacting: 





ONE TO ONE began its one-on-one literacy tutoring program in 1989, and serves children and families across B.C.


The Case for Literacy

A child’s literacy journey starts early – before they begin kindergarten – and continues throughout their lives. 75% of children who do not overcome reading difficulty by the 4th grade continue to struggle throughout their schooling. That’s why most of the students we help are in the grade 1 – 3 range.

Although Canada is a developed country with a highly educated population, low literacy is still an ongoing challenge we face. Over 1 million children in Canada need stronger literacy skills – a number that continues to grow through the COVID-19 pandemic (Children’s Literacy).

There is no better indicator of future well-being than literacy – possessing a high level of literacy sets a child up for future academic, social and economic success. Through literacy, children gain the skills they need to thrive in life.

Literacy difficulties are also more common in children from low socio-economic backgrounds and are significantly associated with increased rates of ADHD, conduct and anxiety disorders (Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry).

Learn more about how ONE TO ONE helps emerging young readers develop their literacy skills by taking a look at our programs.