Through one-to-one volunteer tutoring, we help children develop literacy skills to last a lifetime.

About ONE TO ONE Literacy

ONE TO ONE is a unique children’s literacy program that provides one-to-one reading assistance to children in elementary schools during regular school hours. Our trained volunteer tutors work with students who are identified by their teachers as needing a boost in their literacy skills but do not qualify for school-based resource support.  Typically, each student spends approximately 30 minutes two to four times a week with a volunteer tutor.  ONE TO ONE provides these children with an opportunity to practice their reading in an environment where it is okay to take risks, make mistakes, and learn at their own pace. ONE TO ONE Literacy Society is a registered charity, boasting a 27-year history and currently serving 96 schools in the Vancouver area and over 100 schools in 16 school districts in other regions throughout British Columbia.

In our recent program evaluation:

  • 100% of School Coordinators reported that the ONE TO ONE program was beneficial to their school.
  • 90% of classroom teachers reported that the ONE TO ONE program was making a difference in their students’ reading level and comprehension.
  • 92% of classroom teachers reported an improvement in students’ general self confidence.
  • 93% of classroom teachers reported an improvement in students’ reading fluency.

Bring The ONE TO ONE Literacy Program To Your School District

ONE TO ONE Literacy Society collaborates with literacy task groups or other literacy organizations to deliver the program in communities outside of the Vancouver area. Each community designates a District Coordinator to manage the program in the community, in cooperation with the school district. The District Coordinator recruits, screens, and trains volunteer tutors, and connects them with schools.  Each school chooses a School Coordinator from their staff to work with teachers to select and schedule students. ONE TO ONE Literacy Society provides initial training, set-up, and resources, as well as ongoing support to the District Coordinator. We are eager to work with your school district and help your students to become confident readers and learners.

Contact ONE TO ONE’s Provincial Program Coordinator to get started:

Zahida Jaffer, Provincial Program Coordinator


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Download our detailed information pamphlet.


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