In partnership with Mount Waddington Family Literacy Society (MWFLS), Mount Waddington Literacy Now (MWLN), more North Island students will receive one-on-one reading support as Port Hardy’s Eagle View Elementary becomes the third school in School District 85 to participate.

Since Spring 2016, the ONE TO ONE program has been operating successfully at Sunset School in Port McNeill, with six volunteers and 20 students participating, and at Sea View School in Port Alice, with nine volunteers and 14 students.

“The program is really impactful,” said Sea View principal and teacher Heather Johnson. “One-on-one time is precious to the students, and something that, as a teacher, I don’t have enough time for. The volunteers provide a positive relationship with an adult that emphasizes reading.”

9-year-old Sea View student Jayden said of his tutor, Mike, “He’s a really fun reader and really… what’s the word… engaging. It helps you like reading.”

Jayden’s mother Jodie is pleased with his progress. “The ONE TO ONE program has boosted his confidence in reading,” she said. “I’ve found a big difference in all of his learning with more one on one time.”

Special thanks to Trish Weatherall, Literacy Outreach Coordinator, for her work in making the program successful in the North Island communities.

Photo and excerpt are from an article by Trish Weatherall, published last week in the North Island Eagle.

Follow this link to the full article: North Island Eagle Feb 17, 2017 – ONE TO ONE Mt Waddington Expansion

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