There are so many magical things for children to do at this time of year – writing letters to Santa, making cookies from a recipe, reading cozy holiday books…the list is endless. But to some children these things are scary and difficult because sometimes, reading isn’t simple.

At ONE TO ONE we know we can make a difference – we’ve been making a difference to children across BC for many years now. Dedicated volunteers give their time to read with children who find reading a challenge. Because children in the ONE TO ONE program can read out loud from books in a safe environment where it’s okay to make mistakes, we see these children flourish, grow in confidence and LOVE reading!

We need your help this holiday so we can bring the magic of reading to even more children.

We’re asking our supporters to become monthly donors, or Page Turners!

For as a little as $10 per month, joining Page Turners will help keep our impactful program free for schools and families and expand it to reach children who need it.

Here’s how your monthly donation will add up for ONE TO ONE:

$10/month covers the cost of one student to participate in ONE TO ONE

$25/month provides ongoing training and support to a volunteer tutor

$50/month keeps a participating school in our program

$75/month provides start-up resources to a new participating school

$100/month recruits and trains volunteers for one school year

By becoming a Page Turner before December 31, you’ll not only receive special updates on how your gift is keeping our students’ pages turning throughout the year the impact of your gift will be doubled!

The Francis Family Foundation has generously offered to match every gift made between now and December 31, 2018 up to $15,000. Thanks to the Francis Family Foundation, your gift of $25/month for one year, for example, will result in an investment of $50/month. Making a one-time gift of $250 will result in ONE TO ONE receiving $500.

Want to become a Page Turner or make a one time gift? (We’re so happy to hear that!) Click here or call us at 604-255-5559 to sign up.

We know there are countless children across BC who are struggling to read. But with your continued support, you can give the magic of reading to them for years to come.

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