As kids, many of us wanted to hang out in the teachers’ lunchroom. For Randy it took a few decades of waiting before returning to his elementary school as a ONE TO ONE tutor to make that happen. For eleven years, Randy has tutored at Nootka Elementary, giving back to the community he grew up in, and helping the next generation of Nootka graduates strengthen their literacy skills.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Randy was one of the first ONE TO ONE tutors to pivot to virtual tutoring. He continued to connect with Nootka students, and quickly saw how students benefitted from increased reading support.

“Epic! Books had great choices. Both the kids and I really liked quiz feature – it was very helpful to check for comprehension.”

He also looked forward to the day when he could physically return to Nootka and see familiar faces again. That day came this March.

For Randy, “the process of signing into school was much more comprehensive than pre-COVID-19 but it was worth it for the excitement of physically seeing everyone again. Being able to visibly track how kids’ eyes move over a page, watch them start to enjoy reading, and connect with the school community again was incredibly fulfilling.”

Tutoring in-person meant he could use different strategies to make reading fun. One of Randy’s youngest students was a prankster and physically reading together meant they could begin each session with a prank to see who could get the biggest laughs.

“Kids have so much energy and physically being in their presence and being able to absorb all of their laughter and smiles in-person made tutoring extra special.”

Randy’s experiences of virtual and in-person tutoring showcase the long-lasting impact Randy, and all ONE TO ONE tutors, have on their students.

This fall, we want to connect more volunteers like Randy with vulnerable young readers and we need your support.

Ongoing learning disruptions through the COVID-19 pandemic means B.C. kids need additional reading support.

In partnership with schools, ONE TO ONE will offer two tutoring streams this fall – in-person tutoring at schools, and virtual tutoring after-school – both free of cost. We know different delivery formats work better for different students and we are eager to meet kids where they’re at.

You can help kids get Set for Success by donating now. Each gift has a profound impact and allows tutors like Randy to support young readers to regain learning skills lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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