ONE TO ONE reading has been running in the North Okanagan-Shuswap for the past 12 years. As we returned to in-person tutoring this year, we saw an opportunity to bring more fun to the reading session by adding some new literacy games for tutors to use. We were glad to partner with the Alberta-based Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks to bring literacy games kits to our schools, and help tutors to support phonics practice.  

 The kits have been well received by both students and tutors. One tutor said: “Huge win today! My very quiet and shy student, who whispers all the time, felt confident enough to call me a loser as I was beaten for the third time straight in the Word Race [game]. She then laughed her head off. A lovely sound and so good to see her confidence grow.” 

 This year, each ONE TO ONE tutor gets their readers from a specific class. This has allowed for stronger connection between classroom teachers and tutors. One tutor suddenly found herself to be very popular in the classroom she works in.

She said: “One day I was assisting one of my students, and I glanced over my shoulder, and saw a line-up of students at the entrance doorway to their classroom holding their books. They all wanted a turn to read with me. The students raised their hands and said; ‘Pick me, pick me, I’m next.’ I smiled at them and said; ‘You will have to ask your teacher who will be next.’ So, they turned to look at her. She said; ‘You are very popular with my students and they all like reading with you.’…When it was time to switch students, their teacher sent out the next excited student. None of them wanted to stop, but to keep reading!” 

 With 84 new tutors this year, we are excited to see the ONE TO ONE in-person program thriving once more in our area! We’re fortunate to have their care, dedication and willingness to make reading fun! 

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