Corey is a published Vancouver author who has found writing to be a therapeutic journey that has helped him understand himself and has provided a way for him to express his life experiences in a creative way. Through reading and writing, Corey has found that there are things that can only be learned through literature, and that has helped him become the writer that he is today.

He enjoys storytelling in a written form, as a way of nurturing a process of change. By reading different books or different authors, he can see the world from their perspective and bring a little back into his own life. It wasn’t until a later age that he realized his journey actually started much younger and he wistfully recollects the warm childhood moments with his grandfather who would make it a routine to read to him.

“Talking about children’s literacy and the need for programs that support young readers brings back memories of reading with my grandfather,” he recollects fondly. “It is a nostalgic feeling that I only really recalled after discussing children’s literacy. It brings back warm memories of my grandfather’s voice that I will always cherish.”

Corey’s favourite books growing up were Robert Munsh books like “David’s Father”, which he found easy to read, visually appealing and included great moral lessons. However, he also loved hearing his grandfather reading whatever books he was currently interested in – science fiction, fantasy or other genres. “The Hobbit” was a favourite during those treasured moments between a caring grandfather and a curious grandson. To Corey, this routine of reading was something that became a love for literature that had an impact on his life.

But Corey also realizes that each child can have a different experience with literacy and some young readers require different levels of support. Sometimes a parent’s may not have a high literacy rate, families may not have the time to read with a child on a regular basis or caregivers can lack knowledge of ways to support their child’s reading skills.

Growing up, his mother was a superhero balancing multiple things at once, but couldn’t consistently sit by his brother to give him the same attention he sees struggling young readers receive through one-on-one tutoring. Looking back, Corey feels that his brother would have benefitted from some extra reading help. That’s one reason he understands why ONE TO ONE’s mission is so important.

Corey is helping spread the word about the Put a Book in Their Hands campaign to raise funds that will allow each child supported by ONE TO ONE’s virtual programming this year to pick out their own book and bring it home. Each $25 to the Put a Book in Their Hands campaign gives a child a graduation gift of a book of their choice that they can take home, encouraging their future growth:

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